Little Cactus was planted and grown from a love for interior design, colour and styling.  

At Little Cactus, we are continually searching for new pieces that excite and offer a distinctive perspective.  Utilising different materials, rich textures, natural resources and beautiful craftsmanship, the store stocks pieces that are both on trend and one offs, including high quality, bespoke products.  With a passion for supporting social justice, products are sourced through fair trade channels and suppliers that share this ethos.

Little Cactus offers a unique shopping experience that lets you express a style that’s eclectic, edgy and fun. Offering homewares, art, fashion and accessories that mix contemporary with vintage industrial, colour with monochrome, and classic with unique you are bound to find something perfect for you.

The shop space offers an ever changing environment to inspire ideas, explore design, hunt for that special gift and find the object you desire with friendly staff to guide you. We are sure you’ll love Little Cactus as much as we do!