As much as I love colour and all its variations and hues, I am equally obsessed with the styling created from simple black & white.

Monochrome design is nothing new but it made a resurgence in 2014 and is huge in styling this year.  I believe the right combinations of materials and textures can make 50 shades of grey just as sexy and appealing in your interior design or fashion wardrobe as on the movie screen.  Sleek, elegant, modern and classic could all describe a mood board created in variations of grey.

Not surprising with Little Cactus’ aesthetics industrial edge; the cool mix of grey concrete, crisp white walls and black geometric designs seems to make a reoccurring appearance in many of my favourite spaces.

This monochromatic living space I believe is clean and inviting. The use of texture in the couch fabric and geometric throw adds warmth to what could be a cool space.  The fun print sitting against the couch draws your eye and invite you to curl up in the corner.

When it comes to incorporating black and white with pattern, Marimekko is one of the best. 


These product images from and show how beautiful monochromatic design can be incorporated into living and kitchen décor.  .

Kim Soo Cushions

Of course a simple way of bringing a monochrome element to a room is by adding cushions like these by Kim Soo that Little Cactus stocks.

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October 24, 2016 by Sharee Potter

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