From Guest to Buyers Associate

When I was asked by my sister to come along with her to an all-expense paid trip to Sydney for three days of a trade fair shopping for products to stock “Little Cactus”, of course I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Beside the fact that I would get to spend time with my sister and shop all day, it would be 3 days of no washing, cleaning and cooking for my family.  Why would I say no? Little did I know what I was in for! 

We left early in the morning to catch our flight at 7am, dump our bags at our hotel and walk 30min to begin our first day as doors opened at 10am. When we arrived I was signed in as a guest, excited and overwhelmed with the sheer size of the warehouse and so many, many stalls of various products.   It wasn’t long before we realised if we were going to get through all of these stalls we would need a game plan.

So I offered to take the iPad (typical organised younger sister) and take notes, while Sharee asked the necessary questions.  With only two brief stops in our long day to refuel and re-hydrate, we eventually got through all the building just before close, leaving with a wealth of business cards, notes to cipher through and decisions on purchases to make.  Once back to our hotel, we eventually ventured our weary bodies out for a well-earned dinner and necessary cocktail, before returning to lay out on the beds and while fresh in our minds filing the stockist into yes, no and maybe piles.

Day two and three where similarly full days, trying to fit three trade fairs into 3 days, with little time to stop if we were going to see it all.  My role also included photo inventory and of course putting together my own wish list of beautiful pieces.

It was really exciting to be a part of the beginning of this great new business venture; helping to decide which wonderful products would make it to “Little Cactus” shelves. We didn’t always agree, but had a wonderful time (if not tiring) time together.

On day three my “guest” name tag was upgraded to “Buyers Associate” and I was on my way up the corporate ladder. Next stop “Vice President”!

Overall it was great to have three full days to spend laughing and chatting with my sister (which as both of us work and have busy family lives doesn’t get to happen enough).  I am so proud of Sharee and inspired by her taking this big step to follow her dreams.

I know you will love the selection of products Little Cactus will be stocking when it opens its bricks and mortar retail doors in just under 2 months and with the Melbourne Trade Fairs just weeks away more inspired pieces are sure to be added to the shelves.


February 11, 2016 by Sharee Potter

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