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Having been over 10years since I last had to complete an assignment or study, I was a little apprehensive at how I was going juggle an interior design course, work part time, get Little Cactus launched and manage the home front.

It’s amazing though when you are doing something you love how you find a way and actually enjoy the process.  Your passions are a clue to your purpose, as it is often said.

My first assignment involved exploring the elements and principles of interior design by reviewing different interior spaces to see what mood or message they conveyed. 

The Elements of Design being:

  • Space
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Light
  • Pattern

 Principles of Design include:

  • Balance
  • Rhythm and Repetition
  • Emphasis
  • Proportion and Scale
  • Harmony

My study material actually asked me to look through magazines, books and yes, even Pinterest to find images.  I think I have found the type of course I can get used to.   Hours of research flipping through my favourite mags and browsing Pinterest finally justified and put to good use. 

In choosing my three design spaces I knew immediately one had to be my favourite Fenton & Fenton dining space in their photoshoots gallery.

This light and fun space really speaks to my aesthetic; an eclectic mix, both casual and inviting but with formal touches that is perfect for entertaining.

I believe they make great use of so many design elements; colour and pattern, textures and space.

Your eye is immediately drawn to the amazing blue chandelier which defines the centre of the space, bringing a quite open void or larger volume of space into a more defined area. Leading your eye down onto the table where the touches of blue glassware and hydrangeas lend to the sense of cohesiveness. The size and shape of the light, this dramatic element tells a story of the style of the room; that it is going to be fun and stylish but still has sense of formality.

The repetition of colour again is in the complementary geometric rug positioned under the table. This completes your eyes gaze but then runs horizontally towards the dark blue wall unit and along the table to create that more relaxed and casual feel.

Similarly the use of different textures in the furniture, wood and leather strapped chairs imply a warmth and comfort in how the room will be used.  The large dramatic black and white print symmetrically balanced over the credenza, along with the black metal table lamp offers another great focal point. You can picture the lamp on highlighting this piece and sitting at the table admiring its beauty.  Like the oversized light, the picture is perfectly proportioned for the space.

The rhythm of the room with these various focal points, along with the large blue hippo and bright yellow moose head take into account the use of this room, creating a space that invites conversation and engagement with family or friends as you entertain.

So with my first assignment completed, my apprehension has turned to excitement and I look forward to next month exploring the history of style, decoration and architecture.


April 29, 2015 by Sharee Potter

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