Yen Yen Lo

I love it when you come across a new artist or discover beautiful design pieces un-expectantly.  It’s almost like un-wrapping a gift and enjoying the surprise of finding out what’s inside.

Meeting Yen at the QV Market in Melbourne earlier this year with her gorgeous fine ceramic pieces was just like that.  Sitting quite unassumingly beside her table of charming unique bell chimes she shared with me the stories behind her inspired pieces. Each bell character has been designed from her observations of people around her; friends, teachers and even strangers on a train, creatively capturing their character.

The stern piano teacher with her feather duster, the rebel smoking teenager or the bountiful bathing beauty all encapsulated in charming bells to display in your home. Perfect Christmas ornaments!

I again caught up with Yen at last weeks Finders Keepers Market and was not surprised to see new creations; jockeys inspired by spring carnival, school children and even a self portrait. 

Yen, a qualified graphic designer describes herself as a “hand-builder with a penchant for making small works of non-functional, decorative art. Each one is individual and emotive”.  “Allegorical works, people watching, interesting words and dreams are what inspires me. I have a love affair with delicate brushwork and detailed sgraffito”.

This is so beautifully refined in her bird bowl pieces.  Inspired by nature and birds foraging in the backyard; each bowl is painted in intricate leaf designs with birds resting on the edge. A special piece to place in your bathroom or bedroom to store jewellery or the like.

Enjoy exploring more of her works on her website  

July 23, 2015 by Sharee Potter

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