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As we come to the close of another year it is easy to focus on the finish line and then we all take a huge sigh of relief! 

The Christmas hustle and bustle has hit us as we all re-emerged from lockdown and our social calendar is filled once again uniting with family and friends we’ve missed.  Something we’ve all craved for (especially in Melbourne) but still busy none the less.  The last months of this year are now synonymous with return; to routines, school, work, …. life no longer on hold.

But after a year of feeling stuck, stuck wondering how we got here and where do we go next, this re-emerging can be overwhelming.

How do we begin to live on, to find joy and hope in a future who’s past has been so unpredictable?  For me it is through reflection…reflection on the choices we’ve made, where we’ve journeyed and who we are meant to be and then…. we just show up!!

The false starts, pivots, adjustments, and side steps don’t always feel like progress until we look back and see they were the only way forward.  These are the moments that shape us and defined how we grow. Like most lessons although painful and frustrating the last 2 years have taught us some vital reminders of finding balance and highlighting what is most important to us.   What we missed and what we didn’t are both equally as valuable in shaping how we want the future to unfold.

I think part of my love of beautiful stationary stems from the promise of potential, a blank page or diary with no mistakes in it…. yet!! 

Journaling can be therapeutic; it can help us quiet the mind and points us towards interests new and old.  Inspiration can be found, and memories cherished.  In a world where things are thrown at us at a fast past, we can be excused for only seeing what is on the surface.  Journaling can help us record our real stories, what runs deep and the truth that sits below the surface.

I am also an avid reader and find solace in escaping into a well written novel for inspiration and motivation from reading someone else’s journey. ‘Tea & Honesty’; Heartfelt conversations. Lessons learned. Stories shared by Jules Sebastian is on my coffee table at present. Her YouTube programme captures beautiful conversations with Australian Icons, women, and men about their pivotal life experiences. The stories range from motherhood, career, relationship, health and more and how these conversations impacted Jules life.  A read that really does translate to catching up with a good friend over a cup of tea.

Reece Witherspoon’s ‘Whisky in a Teacup’ and ‘The Magnolia Story’ by Chip and Joanna Gaines are both on my Christmas Wish List this year for more inspirational reads.

We love the range of Meredith Gaston books we stock in store, inspired by the uplifting power of art in everyday life.  She marries her love of words with delicate watercolour images and each book inspires moments of joy, gratitude, love and journey.    Her latest release Choosing Love will open you to love: love for self, love for others, romantic love, love of life and love for everything in our world.’

Meredith shows us how to embrace opportunities and step into a world of love through advice, meditations and practical exercises.

She believes “Living a life of love begins with building on our wellbeing. By sustaining joy and inspiration and by paying mindful attention to ourselves and our world, we can expect our lives to flourish. When we nourish ourselves we can be there for others, with compassion and understanding. When we allow ourselves to shine, we grant others permission to do the same. We needn’t go through our day-to-day lives feeling alone or isolated – the joy of love is all around us”.

In a similar vein The Apricot Memoirs has just hit our shelves and is a romantic fusion of art, poetry, prose and unbridled creativity.  Born from a season of adventure and unravelling, inviting us to surrender to the greater good.

Thoughtfully illustrated and printed on coloured paper, Australian Artist Tess Guinery has infused with grace and playfulness, words, and colours to explores love, personal growth, creativity, spirituality, vulnerability, and motherhood. Described as “a rich portrait of a deeply empathetic, talented, and whimsical artist. Esoteric, mysterious, and unfailingly beautiful, The Apricot Memoirs is an invitation to dig deep, embrace the uncomfortable, and free your creativity, unbound”.  I’m already hooked!

Part of embracing a New Year and moving forward is being open to new ways of seeing things. It may require us to sit still or back up or even pivot in circles while we wait for the path to clear, but if we can be intentional and willing to learn from our journeys of past it is exciting to move forward with purpose and not out of fear or trepidation.

So as we close on a fantastic Christmas season I look forward to what 2022 has in store for Little Cactus and for myself personally.  I am open to taking new risks and re-pursuing my passions and the vision I have for the business which is to continue to be a positive light in the community.  Excitement and trepidation….can’t wait to share the journey with you.

May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season filled with love, joy and hope!

From the whole Little Cactus Team, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Fantastic New Year.

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Love Sharee

December 10, 2021 — Sharee Potter