Hey hey, my name is Lucy, I’m 19 years old and I am currently studying at Swinburne University for a double degree in business and design! I work at Little Cactus when I’m not studying, and hanging out with my beautiful team and customers in the store. Living the dream! 
















My favourite new project that I began near the end of 2022 is my new jewellery business called Olly Love Milly.

How did you begin your crafting journey? 

Olly Loves Milly is named after my sisters Olive and Amelia. Both girls are very special to me, and I wanted to create something that demonstrated the appreciation I have for them. They inspire me every day! 

I first started this craft when I was isolating with covid. I had been gifted some earring-making materials for my birthday and started playing around with the pieces with some beads I had collected over time (I have a serious addiction to collecting craft materials). 

The process sparked a lot of joy for me as I could appreciate the ‘mindfulness’ element of threading beads and wrapping wire. The ‘hobby turned business’ then found its place on the little cactus display table where all our beautiful customers can share the joy of the pieces! 

Olly loves Milly















How would you describe the style of your earrings?

If you love all things colour I’ve got you covered. I love putting beautiful coloured beads together in interesting combinations and styles. When creating the shapes of my designs, I like to let the wire move in position to enhance a unique look that can’t be replicated! 

Some of my pieces consist of little charm combinations for an everyday look, paired back with some jeans and a tee. These pieces can be layered together, if you have multiple ear piercings, to create your own combination of funk too! 

Some of my bigger pieces can accompany your outfit with a statement dazzle. I love pairing my bold earrings with a dress full of colour, to pull out the tones I love most in my outfit. I also love wearing them with other organic-patterned items for a fun look. I’m a big believer in dressing how you want to feel!

Where do you source materials and inspiration? 

A lot of my beads are sourced from Fitzroy, where I find my bespoke pearls and some classic beads.

I also love heading into any local thrift store to find preloved necklaces and bracelets to pull apart and upcycle. There is a sense of challenge in creating new pieces from the old. It also means when customers purchase the pieces, they are contributing as a sustainable shopper. 

A lot of my inspiration comes from the endless world of Pinterest. I find textures, styles and colours that I love, and try to draw from them when I’m crafting. Preloved pieces also tend to inspire me. I love trying to create a design around a statement bead or colour that has sparked joy and see what I can do. 

     Olly Loves Milly

What’s trending in jewellery fashion? What should we keep an eye out for this year? 

I am loving the shift from minimalistic dainty pieces to big vibrant colours and bold shapes. I know that we will definitely be seeing more chunky pieces in 2023 consisting of bangles and earrings with interesting shapes and patterns, something I’m definitely on board for! 

I also think organic and bespoke pieces are trending this year, and seen a lot on the runway. The pearl is a great example of a natural stone that we can expect to see in stores and generally speaking, lots of natural shapes and organically made pieces. Trending colours and styles would definitely be the greens and pinks, found in lots of high-end jewellery retailers like Elk and Moe Moe designs, and silver is coming back!

Everyone’s going to their local markets and shops to find all the little handmade pieces for their jewellery box for 2023. 

March 02, 2023 — Sharee Potter