It’s been a brisk start to winter in Melbourne, with ongoing rain being the marker of the cooler months well and truly being underway. Coupled with the rise in flu cases across Australia, a lot of us have fallen into patterns of preferring to stay indoors this July! 

With the ‘tired season’ upon us, it is normal to feel cooped up at home and start doing less outdoor activities than usual. 

To keep spirits high and give yourself something positive to enjoy during the cold, working on creating a home that is calming and a sanctuary space to love during the cooler months is essential. 

Enhancing your interior space with the right accessories has a hugely positive impact on mental health; influencing mood, productivity and stress levels! 

Mindfulness gifts, accessories and activities can be the perfect way to enliven your home and harness the opportunities to practice mindfulness and engage in positive daily rituals from the comfort of your own home. 

We’ve put together a list of decor and homeware accessories that brighten your home this winter and even promote positive mind body practices! 

Practising Mindfulness With A Wellbeing Journal

The rise in mindfulness has been a trend that continues to grow. Meditation, reflection journal writing and mind body practices are a few undertakings that people have begun adopting, especially over the past two years where stress and anxiety levels were at an all time high

 The Designworks Wellness Journal is the perfect guided diary for gratitude and goals based writing; with the opportunity to track your progress. 

For more creative and abstract thoughts Jumbo Journal Love is Love is a great way to jot down your dreams, reflections and any inspirations.

Image Source: Little Cactus 

Engage In Mind Body Practices With Yoga Dice and Yoga Snap

Focus on your breathing and get into your yoga with our fun yoga activities! The Rise and Shine: A Daily Ritual Of Yoga or 100 Days Happier are the perfect deck of cards to focus your attention with yoga poses, meditation growth and inspiration quotes to hold you accountable and help you get into your flow! 

Yoga Dice and Mindful & Co Yoga Snap Game are great to encourage your kids participate in exercises that promote memory and visual matching stills, focus and self-awareness. 

Give your little humans the ability to practice yoga comfortably with the gorgeous Mindful and Co Kids Yoga Matt designed by Chloe Jasmine illustrations. 

Image Source: Little Cactus

Promote Calm Scents With Diffusers

Diffusers are the perfect as coffee table decor ideas; not only do they look gorgeous, but can be used for aromatherapy with essential oils as they pervade beautiful scents across your home. 

Little Cactus homewares store Croydon has a range of diffusers including the Frankie Gusti Urban Jungle which come in 6 amazing scents including grapefruit, yuzu, cactus flower and lime; adorned with lush planty art. 

Get Cosy With Our Collection of Books

Need a good excuse to cosy up with a book? Little Cactus has stacks of books for adults and kids which encouraging winding down; perfect for a dreary day! 

The Art of Wellbeing gratitude book takes you through a four stage journey to living well and enjoying healthy life. With plant based recipes, meditations, yoga practice and mind and body practices, Meredith’s book is perfect for side tables or the coffee table. 

The Kindness Pact is another beautiful read from Little Cactus. This eight chapter read explores how to be kinder to ourselves and others; building confidence, nurturing self esteem and allowing you to put positive energy into the things you love and want. 

If reading not your thing, then maybe our 15-Minute Art Painting is more your style! This nature inspired paint experience allows you to get your creativity on with practice pages, colour swatches and tips to bring your artwork to life. 

Elevate With Meaningful Art 

Nothing makes a home feel more tranquil than with beautiful yet meaningful art. Thoughtful art selection is choosing art that that enhances, not clutters your home.  

The Amalfi Prajna Sculpture depicts a yoga-inspired silhouette; bring a touch of contemporary style to any interior space and is align with the mindfulness movement. 

Similarly, Georgie Wilson prints are the perfect blend of realism and abstraction which create depth in a gentle depiction of nature.  

Image Source: Pinterest

Want More Calm Living Room Ideas? 

Little Cactus have a wide range of gifts for mindfulness and zen living to use across your home. Enhancing your interior spaces with a curated selection of meaningful additions to your home, one item at a time! 

Our Croydon Homeware Shop’s Got Everything You Need 

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June 27, 2022 — Elizabeth Robinson