Nesting during isolation? Who isn’t! Given none of us are going anywhere at the moment (at least those of us blessed enough to live in Melbourne!) we’re desperate to make our homes cozy, comfortable havens. We’re looking for enjoyable spaces to spend time in, objects that make us smile and an atmosphere that helps us feel calm and content.

We’ve put together our Top 10 Tips for how to make the best use of what you have and what might be right under your nose (or just around the corner at your local shops!) to beautify and warm up your home.

1: Get plenty of Sunshine
Lighting is an essential design element in any interior space. Natural and artificial light both can be manipulated to help you achieve the feel and look of your design, as well as providing essential requirements for tasks, safety and security. Light can create the illusion of colour, movement, pattern, highlights and shadows. It not only is an essential element but a decorative component in design too.

2: Accentuate your strong points 
A well designed space always has one or more focal points. Something to draw the eye and create a lasting impression, but still be relevant to the scheme and feel of the room you are designing for. A focal point is part of but doesn’t necessarily dominate the space; balance is always the key.

3: Be patient through the dry spells 
Don’t rush into filling your interior space. Not everyone has the budget to hire an interior designer and fill their homes with the furniture and pieces of their dreams. It’s tempting then to rush out and buy inferior products or pieces as a stop gap. Quality is always better than quality. Consider your selections as investments and enjoy the excitement of finally buying that special piece you’ve had to wait for.

4: Conserve your resources
Sometime less is more. You can actually have too much of a good thing. Balance and Harmony are two design principles every interior designer needs to think about. Balance is the careful placement of objects in a room to create impact, mood and makes a space harmonious. Think about what a room requires. Sometimes editing your space; removing an item will have greater impact.

5: Look out for your friends
Buy Australian, buy locally from small business and buy from emerging artist or designers. The impact we can all have on the quality of products we purchase and the availability of choice is often determined by our decisions. There is great reward in working within your community, seeing others succeed as you support their gifts. I know Little Cactus wouldn’t exist without the support and encouragement of friends, family and community. Huge Thanks!!

Keep an eye out for our next instalment soon!

Until then, lots of love

Sharee xx

June 22, 2020 — Sharee Potter