On featuring the beauty, considered approach to design, and sustainability of Melbourne based brand Elk in our newly created store space, we thought you might like to know more about why the team at Little Cactus have chosen this award-winning brand to highlight.

Firstly, the Little Cactus Story Right Now

Here at Little Cactus our team have and are making daily changes to how we buy product, our choices of product, how we display product, and how we would like our people to feel when they walk through our doors. Now more than ever we feel the greatest need to address the continuing and pressing themes of both sustainability and ‘slow fashion’. Our approach has and always will be to offer our growing Cactus community the best of locally designed, produced, and manufactured product. Product that is created to provide beauty, joy, practicality, but that also shows responsibility to the planet and health and well-being of our community. But, getting back to how you feel when you step into our store, we are particularly focused on your pleasure. And how we can best offer assistance, comfort, and a sense of place. So for now, and in between lockdowns, we would love to see your smiling faces, have a chat, and help you to discover some of our new carefully-curated ranges. This month we warmly welcome Elk back into our store with a striking, comfortable and authentic range of ready to wear that you will love!

Elk the Brand

The Elk story springs forth from the coming together of two great visionaries, husband and wife team, Marnie and Adam. Founding the company in 2004 with an intentional approach to providing ready to wear ranges that incorporate the perfect balance of artistic expression with a considered refinement that has led Elk to express itself uniquely and in a place all of its own within Australian fashion.

Beautiful sculptural accessories, genuine crafted leather pieces, and their uncomplicated seasonal collections that embrace naturally fine raw materials sourced globally enable the Elk follower to invest in pieces that build on their existing wardrobe knowing that each piece is also sustainably sourced and responsibly manufactured.

Leaders in Innovation

Beyond being committed to great design Elk have an unwavering ethical foundation that underlies the very essence of their business ethos and has positioned them as a leader in the practice of responsible innovation for the fashion industry. Aligning with independent manufacturers that incorporate traditional skills, techniques, and craftsmanship creates an exemplary story of transparency, great respect for the people who work within and for the business, and honesty which is so highly valued within the family-owned and operated business. In all, the elevated quality of their collections is a tribute to their conscientious commitment.

In 2019 Elk was awarded the Australian Fashion Laureate Award for Sustainable Innovation. A prestigious award recognising brands that are pioneering sustainable practices, implementing strategic goals, or demonstrating leadership in sustainability and in so doing, contributing to the growth and global promotion of the Australian fashion industry. With the goal to minimise their environmental footprint and promote positive social practices, the Elk brand has emerged as a leader within the industry.

The Global Family

Being part of the Elk story means joining a larger network of global makers that are all on their own sustainability journey. Each year makers are visited by the Elk team and are assessed to observe working conditions, company ethics, workers’ rights, and workplace safety. Core suppliers sign an extensive supplier code of conduct and are assisted in improving their processes before Elk engage in production. By mapping their supply chain they can trace the fibres and materials used in production and ensure they are made responsibly.

And to help us, the customers, Elk has launched its third incredibly detailed transparency report that shares 100% of what they call their tier 1 direct suppliers, their ethical and environmental mission, how far they have come since first implementing the program, plus much much more. This means that if the Little Cactus family want to delve deeper into conscious purchasing they can take a look at the report and discover the faces behind the makers and their stories, the milestones already achieved, and their future goals that will continue to drive change.

Back to the Future

Looking forward with a wide smile and bright eyes can seem challenging during this time. The team at Little Cactus have been overwhelmingly impressed by the incredible work being done by Elk to take responsibility for its footprint. When you purchase an Elk product you not only invest in a garment that is future-proofed for your wardrobe but you can confidently and happily support the ongoing work that Elk has and will endeavour to accomplish. From taking action on climate change by investing in a lighter environmental footprint to donating to UNICEF, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, TreeProject, Australian Red Cross, Wildlife Victoria, and Nature Foundation, you are purchasing more than just a garment!

As a store, we are so fortunate to be able to stock and bring to the Little Cactus community a ready to wear range of beautiful garments. We have carefully selected pieces that we know you will love and treasure for years to come. The drop landed two days ago and is already selling out so please come in soon and see what all the fuss is about! We will always welcome you with a smile and a helping hand.

August 03, 2021 — Sharee Potter