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Welcome Rosie May Designs

Each time we bring in a new artist or brand into store it’s like un-wrapping a gift and enjoying the surprise of finding out what’s inside.

We’re excited to share Lisa Kerr’s art with you, creator, and artist of Rosie May designs. Already a stockist of her card designs we have long converted her major artworks and original canvas’ pieces.

Lisa describes herself as a dreamer. In fact, the name Rosie May came from a dream a friend of hers had about her.  Rosie May is not an actual person which many people assume and ask her about.  No, Lisa is a fan of wearing rose coloured glasses: not ignoring difficulty or pain, but more about seeing life and human beings in this way: essentially good. She was just wondering about starting an arty business when a friend dreamt that she had a baby and called her “Rosie May” because she was going to make everything rosy!  So, Rosie May art, cards, and prints was born.

After school Lisa studied and worked as a graphic artist in an advertising agency. After realising “it was not exactly my cup of tea, I worked in retail, travelled, married a landscaper and began working as a landscape designer”.  Landscape design tapped into her love of nature and kept her creative passion fuelled as art took a back seat for a while, but not forever.

This draw to nature (so evident in her artwork – no pun intended) and her spirituality have her inspired to actively look for the beauty in everything and she sees it as one of the ways to connect and see God.

Living in Melbourne’s East with her husband and 3 children she is surrounded by trees and draws from her “sweet walks down memory lane”.  “I live next to the 100 Acres in Park Orchards and nature is a constant source of joy and wonder for me: my daily walks often inspire me with a colour that I can’t wait to get home and paint! “

Lisa says, “I paint and draw from joy; the Australian native flowers that feature in my work are sometimes from my garden and often in my house.  My fave painting in this collection is “Steadfast”. I just love the rusty brown in the lily, it’s so warm”

Lisa describes the look of her aesthetic is mainly natural hues and tones found in nature, but with some pops of bright colour as her interpretation as the artist. “I am fairly realistic in my style but have a great love for abstract style, so tend to mix shapes and colours with a realistic form”.

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Creative inspiration can come from both obvious and more obscure sources.  Sometimes for Lisa it’s other artists or going to a gallery; “I managed to sneak into the NGV for the impressionists in between lockdowns” which was amazing.  However, she explains her main creative inspiration comes from self-care; “my daily walks in the trees, some quiet/reflective/prayer/meditation time, and letting the peace flow”. Her best time to pick up the paintbrush is after these times she explains; “it doesn’t work out well with hurry or stress! “

Lisa and I talked about trends in the art world and how trying to keep up with these to make art commercial can be a tricky path to follow and difficult to stay true to yourself.   Her philosophy is “I think there will always be trends that come and go, I think my big aim in life is to be the full expression of myself and not be too swayed!”   Something we can all try to aspire to, no matter what journey you’re on.  Although she did express Australian flowers have had such a fun resurgence in wall art and are not going away any time soon, which makes her happy because she loves painting them!

I asked Lisa about any new projects for 2021 we could expect to see from her.  Despite being a tricky year to plan just about anything, she is excited to be asked by a friend who is starting a journal/magazine to contribute arty or written pieces; this idea is still in seed form but stay tuned…

Finally what tips/advice for starting to paint/launch a new creative pursuit could Lisa advise?

“For me I’ve had to practice being kind and patient with myself, that honing my style and aesthetic should be a joyful self-discovery and cannot be rushed or forced.

And definitely be your own cheerleader, have an excellent narrative going on in your head, and on the days you feel like the narrative is negative, have a good friend who talks you back and won’t let you give up! “

The heart behind her work is that there would be a hint of something, a colour or an image that would connect with you and remind you of something, and bring you joy.  We love that!

We all know, especially this year, that life will throw all sorts of challenges and hurdles at us that it can be hard to find beauty and hope amongst chaos.  Much like Lisa we hope our curation of beautiful products and inspiring artists bring you joy, hope and happiness.

September 07, 2021 — Sharee Potter